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Let us travel you around the island in utmost luxury. Apart from world renown and multi-awarded Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia island features a wide variety of choices for your daily swim scattered around the long, rich coastline. Cosmopolitan, relaxing, family, funky, alternative, sporty, serene or all-day partying, whatever your choice is, crystal blue waters stroking lacy shores with fine golden sand or blinding white pebbles is what expects you here.

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Our Services

- Transfer Services
- Shuttle Services to/from Airports
- Shuttle Services to/from Ports
- Private Limousines
- Private VIP Transfers
- Private Tours

Services Upon Request

- Outdoor activities in Kefalonia (Water Sports, Horse Riding, Daily Trips, Escapes in Nature)
- Chauffeured Vehicle rental on a daily basis

Following are some popular destinations we can take you, and you will never forget:

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach KefaloniaMulti awarded and renown, Myrtos ranks among the best worldwide, for more than ten consecutive years. Deep blue waters embraced by white sand leading to dazzling white pebbles, in a long strip of dramatic beauty. Lying between the feet of two mountains and approached by a winding road, Myrtos offers enchanting views from the very first sight. A beach once experienced, never forgotten.

Fiskardo Village

Fiskardo KefaloniaSurrounded by untamed, lush vegetation that almost reaches the coastline, the village of Fiscardo seems to be part of a dreamy landscape. It is a land filled with contrasts, where the rugged, heavily wooded hills meet with the gleaming white-pebbled beaches. Fiscardo is a cherished destination for celebrities seeking seclusion and anonymity.

Assos Village

Assos Kefalonia
Just north of the stunning Myrtos beach lays the tiny and secluded village of Assos, which is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of the island. Built amphitheatrically around the homonymous peninsula, it is surrounded by luscious green scenery and verdant forests. The village seems to be "lost in time" and gives off an almost mystical atmosphere. The basic original traditional Ionian architecture is retained, while the modern feel is gentle and slight, enough though to pleasantly surprise all visitors.

St. George's Castle

St. George's Castle, KefaloniaFrom 300 meters high, the castle has been keeping an eye on everything since it was built 800 years ago. ?It was the place of residence for nobles and officials and has been the capital of Kefalonia for centuries. When the capital was relocated to Argostoli in 1757, life in castle faded and all interest in it was lost. Today, the castle is ruined and only a few buildings survive, but still indicate its magnificence. It was not only the damage over time and wars, it also suffered a lot from the disastrous earthquake in 1953.

Melissani Lake

Melissani Lake KefaloniaMelissani Lake is a place of timeless beauty. Located near Karavomilos village, Melissani Lake is probably the most popular attraction in Kefalonia. Surrounded by dense forestry, slope down to a natural piece of art in Kefalonia's subterranean world and let your footsteps guide you to the cave of the nymphs. Beautiful waters with changing shades of blue as the sun sets, honey-like brown walls and countless stalactites will take your breath away!

Petanoi Beach

Petanoi Beach Kefalonia
On the West coast of Kefalonia, in Paliki Peninsula, meet the ethereal Petani beach, which equally competes Myrtos in beauty and ambience. Surrounded by water springs, this legend-inspiring bay of unrivaled beauty forms a dramatic scenery in all shades of blue as it emerges in your sight, embraced by rocks in lush greenery. The winding path to the beach offers breathtaking view to the Ionian Sea, while the beach features white pebbles and impressive rock formations, natural sculptures which complete the exotic scenery.

Drogaratti Cave

Drogarati Cave KefaloniaDrogarati Cave, located close to Sami, was discovered 300 years ago, when a strong earthquake destroyed a part of it and thus, the entrance was created. The depth of the cave reaches 60 meters below the ground level, the temperature is 18 C and the humidity is 90%. There are stalactites and stalagmites created from the rain, which come through the rocky level of the cave, corroding it and depositing the elements of the earth on the edge of the stalactites.

Mount Ainos

Ainos Mountain KefaloniaAs if rising from the infinite blue sea, standing tall and solid, mount Ainos features a National Park of unique beauty and rarity. The National Park of Ainos in Kefalonia is close to Argostoli and Sami and it is the smallest national park in Greece. The park is a paradise for hikers, especially on its East side, which is more wild. During a long hike more surprises are to come. Uncharted trails, mysterious lakes and caves of unrivalled beauty await you to explore!

the Villages

Atheras Kefalonia Villages
Release yourself from the stress and tensions of everyday life and let them be washed away by the unruffled waters of the sea and the beauties of a vast variety of little villages. Quiet, traditional fishing or mount villages will surely enchant you with their unique simplicity. With just a couple of beaches, little harbors , lush greenery and a smattering of shops and tavernas, the villages of Kefalonia are all about recharging and rejuvenating. Skip the crowds, but don't forget that when you want to bump things up, the most well known spot of the island will be a drive away.

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